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A Belize time zone is a region in the Belize that has uniform standard time or same local time. Belize Time zones are computes as an offset from UTC or Greenwich Mean Time. Belize Time Zones's local time is UTC plus or minus the current time zone offset.

Belize Time zones are divided into standard and daylight saving (or summer). Belize Daylight saving time zones (or summer time zones) include an offset (typically +1) for daylight saving time. Irregular Belize time zones exist due to political boundaries, geographical practicalities, and convenience of inhabitants.

Standard time zones (Winter Time zones) can be defined by geometrically subdividing the Earth's spheroid into 24 lunes (wedge-shaped sections), bordered by meridians each 15° of longitude apart. The Belize local times in neighboring zones differ by one hour.

Before the adoption of time zones, people used local solar time. Originally this was apparent or true solar time, as shown by a sundial, and later it became mean solar time, as kept by most mechanical clocks. Mean solar time has days of equal length, but the difference between mean and apparent solar time, called the equation of time, averages to zero over a year.

The use of local solar time became increasingly awkward as railways and telecommunications improved, because clocks differed between places by an amount corresponding to the difference in their geographical longitude, which was usually not a convenient number. This problem could be solved by synchronizing the clocks in all localities, although in many places the local time would then differ markedly from the solar time to which people were accustomed. Time zones are thus a compromise, relaxing the complex geographic dependence while still allowing local time to approximate the mean solar time. There has been a general trend to push the boundaries of time zones further west of their designated meridians in order to create a permanent daylight saving time effect. The increase in worldwide communication has further increased the need for interacting parties to communicate mutually comprehensible time references to one another.

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Here is the Belize Time Zones:

Server Time Zone: America/Chicago
Current Time: 6:17 AM CST
Current Date: February 24, 2018
Current Day: Saturday
Time Zone Name: Belize
Time Zone Code: America/Belize
UTC Offset:
Summer Time: None
Current Time: 6:17 AM CST
Latitude: 1730
Longtitude: 08812

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