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India Time Zones Table

India time zones table shows a region in the India that has uniform standard time or same local time. India Time zones are computes as an offset from UTC or Greenwich Mean Time. India Time Zones's local time is UTC plus the current time zone offset.

India is located in South East Asia. India is the has only one time zone as it is the second largest country population. India uses Indian Standard Time (IST). Indian Standard Time is observed in Srilanka with offset of UTC+05:30. India does not observe daylight saving time (DST) or other seasonal adjustments. However, daylight savings time was used briefly during the Sino–Indian War of 1962 and the Indo–Pakistani Wars of 1965 and 1971.

IST is designated E* ("Echo-Star") in military and aviation time. Indian Standard Time is calculated on the basis of 82.5° E longitude. IST is calculated based on just location of west of the town of Mirzapur, near Allahabad in the state of Uttar Pradesh.

Below is the india time zones map with neighoring countries that observer Indian Standard Time. In this picture Maldives and Pakistan observer UTC+5 instead of Indian Standard Time. Andaman Islands of India and Nicobar Island observer UTC+6 instead of IST.

India Time Zones Table


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Here is the India Time Zones Table with current time/ longtitude:

Time Zone Name: Kolkata India
Time Zone Code: Asia/Kolkata
UTC Offset:
Summer Time: None
Current Time: 6:14 AM CST
Latitude: 2232+08822

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