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Nigeria Time Zone Difference Map

Nigeria time zone table shows a region in the Nigeria that has uniform standard time or same local time. Nigeria Time zones are computes as an offset from UTC or Greenwich Mean Time. Nigeria Time Zones's local time is UTC plus the current time zone offset.

Nigeria observers West Africa Time, or WAT. West Africa Time time zone is used in west-central Africa (though not in countries west of Benin, which instead use UTC). WAT time zone is UTC+1 which is same as Central European Time. However, this it does not include most of the countries that make up the West Africa region (these use UTC+0).

Other countries that use same UTC+1 offet and is in WAT are:






Central African Republic

Democratic Republic of the Congo (western)

Equatorial Guinea






Also check out this to learn about Africa Time Zones Map for a complete list of time zone in Africa.

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Here is the Nigeria time zone difference map Table with current time/ longtitude:

Time Zone Name: Nigeria
Time Zone Code: Africa/Lagos
UTC Offset:
Summer Time: None
Current Time: 6:16 AM CST
Latitude: 627+00324

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